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ISO9001· ISO14001
The first educational institution in Japan to hold both
ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications simultaneously

ISO9001 Educational Quality Management System ISO9001
Seitoku Gakuen has implemented the Seitoku REALISE System, a unique education system designed to encourage students' motivation to succeed, and raise standards of educational achievement. We have also undertaken other measures to improve the quality of education. Achievement is monitored under ISO9001, and the results are reflected in future actions. We believe the quality of education should be based on long-term objectives rather than short-term results, with consideration given to program effectiveness regarding the future of the students. This is the major difference with other forms of "quality management," and the most notable characteristic of our ISO9001 system.

ISO14001 Environmental Management System ISO14001
  Planting is one of
the ISO activities.
Seitoku Gakuen has implemented measures throughout its organizational structure to protect the global environment and prevent pollution, to ensure a future for our children. This system is conducted in the classrooms as well, raising awareness of the global environment in students of all ages, and encouraging a volunteer spirit.

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