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A place to further pursue advanced scholarship

All departments at Seitoku University are attached to a general graduate school, to which all undergraduates can apply to advance. At Seitoku University Graduate School, students sharpen their skills at in-depth study and research from a wide array of perspectives, acquire the wealth of learning they will need to succeed in the most advanced professional careers, and contribute to the advancement of culture.

Daytime and Evening Classes
The graduate school offers classes during the evening as well as the afternoon, giving a variety of people the opportunity to study. Students are able to design a flexible curriculum that allows them to continue working while they study.

Our graduate programs are open to both men and women, providing opportunities for study to anyone with a will to learn.

Certifications and Specializations
Graduate students without licenses (first class) are able to obtain one as a nondegree student(∗) at Seitoku University, and then advance to earn a Specialist's Certificate.
∗ Women only

Nondegree Students
Certain courses in each graduate program are open to nondegree students.

Department of Child Studies Major in Child Studies (Master's Course in Child Studies, Developmental Psychology and Preschool Education; Doctor's Course in Child Studies)
Educating child-care specialists who exemplify advanced knowledge
and humanity

The first program of its type in Japan, the Child Studies course draws on the accumulated history and traditions of early childhood education at Seitoku Gakuen to research and find solutions to the various problems associated with child care, which grow more severe each year. The program gives students a solid grounding in compassionate observation, allowing them to observe each child from a variety of angles. It also provides them with the knowledge of the issues of child development and education, as well as a practical ability to offer solutions. The program produces specialists with a deep understanding of children, such as kindergarten and primary school teachers, as well as professionals dealing with childhood issues in all fields.

Department of Clinical PsychologyMajor in Clinical Psychology (Master's and Doctor's Courses)
Educating clinical psychologists able to deal with a range of
psychological issues

This program provides the necessary educational research to educate psychology professionals, giving students a comprehensive perspective on the human psyche, and the knowledge, skills, and analytic ability related to specific areas of clinical psychology. It conforms to the basic model of courses for training clinical psychologists, with an expanded curriculum. The Seitoku University Graduate School has been designated as a first-category school by the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists.

Department of Language and CultureA "function and structure" approach to language distinct
from traditional methods

Language is at the root of all human culture. This program challenges students to analyze the structure and function of target languages in depth. The program is subdivided into two majors' Japanese Culture and British and American Cultures-but there is significant crossover between the two, providing the student with the ability to understand the characteristics of each.

Major in Japanese Culture (Master's and Doctor's Courses)
This major emphasizes a deep understanding of Japanese culture, and the ability to explain its attributes and significance to people from other countries, rather than simply absorbing knowledge of foreign cultures. Graduates are educated to play significant roles in international society.

Major in British and American Cultures (Master's and Doctor's Courses)
This major explores British and American cultures, and the structures and attributes of English language. Students acquire a superior ability to use foreign languages, particularly English, and gain a deep understanding of British and American cultures. Through a varied curriculum emphasizing cultural differences, modern culture and the distinctive aspects of each language, graduates are able to respond flexibly to the progress of globalization.

Department of Human NutritionMajor in Human Nutrition Research (Master's and Doctor's Courses)
Producing professionals in food and nutrition who are versed in
both theory and its application

This program addresses the growing number of social issues related to food, such as low nutrition, lifestyle-related illness, and development disorders in children. It is the first of its type in Japan. Distinct from traditional studies in nutrition, the research focus is on the nutritional elements derived from food and their relation to the body, mind, and social interaction. Students are trained to become researchers, or specialists such as Food Technologists or Senior Registered Dietitians. The program produces knowledgeable professionals able to offer scientifically sound solutions to maintain or improve health, and to address a wide range of nutritional issues in all aspects of society, including families, schools and hospitals.

Department of Music Culture Training musicians to be superior performers who also play important roles
in the diversified world of music

Major in Music Composition and Performance
(Master's Courses in Composition and Theory, Vocal, Instrumental)
Major in Music Education (Master's Courses in Music Education, Music Research, Music Therapy)
Major in Music (Doctor's Course)

The variations of music, and the number of fields in which it can play a part, have grown remarkably in recent years. Particularly notable is the growth in the field of music therapy, where music is used to benefit the mind and body. This program examines music from a scientific perspective, providing students with advanced, specialist skills. The master's degree for music therapist, for example, is the first of its kind in Japan. The doctorate program in music embraces a wide perspective in the relationship between human beings and music, and is designed to educate internationally renowned musicians, researchers and instructors able to further develop the ever-changing world of music culture.
Department of Professional TeachersMajor in Teaching Practice (Professional Degree Course in Preschool Education and Juvenile Education)
This course helps students develop various and effective practical skills for preschool and juvenile education, based on an understanding of the needs of children and their local communities

As education settings grow ever more diverse and complex, the public is increasingly demanding teachers of excellent quality, capable of conducting dynamic and engaging educational activities while maintaining close liaison with parents and local communities. To answer these needs, the Department of Professional Teachers was established in April 2009. Focusing strictly on the development of kindergarten and primary-school teachers, the Graduate School developed a practical and specialized teacher-training curriculum. Each subject draws on the expertise of at least two experienced teaching and research staff members, creating a research framework that tightly integrates theory and practice. For students who continue to work as they study, day and night courses as well as long-term study programs are available.

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