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Tradition and success through
the "Seitoku for Child Education " program

The Seitoku University Kindergarten Teacher Training College has graduated more than 12,000 professional teachers since its founding, providing in-depth training in early childhood education based on the "spirit of harmony." The success of this tradition can be illustrated by the 100% employment rate for graduates every year in kindergartens, nursery schools, and related fields. With a curriculum comparable to that of a junior college or university, including varied coursework, the college produces professional educators who possess broad knowledge and skills as well as a foundation in compassionate humanity.
  Emphasis is also placed on acquiring related certifications. In the course of their regular coursework, students are able to obtain licenses as a Kindergarten Teacher (second class) and Nursery Teacher, as well as earn the title of Technical Associate (teacher-training specialist course). Students can also acquire certifications that enhance their qualifications as care providers. Two of these certification programs include Advanced life-saver certification, which trains students in how to deal with emergencies and is immediately applicable to care facilities, and Peer Counselor, which provides students with the necessary basic skills of a counselor, and which is the first step toward becoming a care provider specializing in psychological issues.


An ideal environment for practical learning of early childhood education

Practice teaching sessions are held five times during the two-year course, (three years for evening classes), at the Seitoku Mita Kindergarten as well as at other kindergartens, nursery schools, infant care centers, and facilities for disabled children. These classes give students the opportunity to interact with children while receiving a practical, step-by-step education in early childhood education.
   Music education is particularly stressed among the various classes in practical skills. Students learn music theory and history, providing them with a wide-ranging expressive ability as they cultivate a sense of, and appreciation for, music. The school has a number of soundproof practice rooms as well as practice rooms with electronic pianos for beginning students. Careful individual instruction allows students to master practical musical skills.

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