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Research Institutes
Seitoku Gakuen has four research institutes,
tailored to meet the needs of today

Institute for Child Studies
This institute conducts research on a variety of issues concerning children, and seeks to deepen understanding of their needs.

Institute of Synoptic Studies of Language
This institute focuses on language as it relates to human culture and lifestyles, conducting research in numerous fields from a variety of perspectives.

Institute of Lifelong Learning
This institute studies educational content and methodologies in lifelong learning, further developing "open universities," where anyone who wants to learn can have the opportunity to do so. Seitoku University Continuing Education Center (construction completed in March 2005), has been selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as one of its Academic Frontier Promotion Centers.

Lifelong Learning Center

  Research and Training Institute
of Clinical Psychology

Research and Training Institute of Clinical Psychology
This center functions 1as a training facility for Seitoku University Graduate School, Department of Clinical Psychology, caring for the psychological, educational and mental health needs of people of all ages.

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