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International Exchange
The spirit of harmony with an international outlook

Seitoku Gakuen helps prepare students for an increasingly internationalized society through foreign language education and by cultivating cosmopolitan citizens with the "spirit of harmony." Our students are able to present the traditional culture of Japan to the world and hold respect for the cultures of others. One of the ways we accomplish this is through reciprocal overseas study programs and academic exchange. Seitoku University has exchange agreements with eight universities in the United States, two in South Korea, and one each in Taiwan, China, and Belgium. Our curriculum also incorporates programs to refine the international awareness of students and deepen their understanding of other cultures, including visits to other countries' institutions that offer programs in fields closely related to the student's particular discipline.
   Seitoku Gakuen offers our junior high and high school students the opportunity to attend a two-week training course in the United Kingdom. In addition, the Senior and Junior High School for Girls Attached to Seitoku University has a student exchange program with MLC School, its sister school in Australia. Begun in 1996, this program offers students two weeks of language training, or a "season exchange" in which they can stay for longer periods of up to two months and experience a home-stay while studying at MLC.
   Seitoku Gakuen primary school students receive classes in English conversation once a week from native-speaking teachers. At the end of the fifth grade, students have the opportunity to try out their language skills and gain an intercultural experience during a study tour in Singapore.

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