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Cultural Education
Exposure to professional artists and
performers nurtures cultural sophistication

Seitoku Gakuen invites professional musicians and artists from around the world to perform in its Performing Arts Series, a program held several dozen times throughout the year which covers a wide variety of genres, from classical music to traditional arts of Japan and other countries. These concerts offer students invaluable opportunities to experience the power and expressiveness of the performing arts with their own eyes and ears.
   The Performing Arts Series is more than just a class on music appreciation. It is a unique program of live world-class performances, specially developed by Seitoku Gakuen to provide invaluable artistic experiences, and to help students acquire the refined manners expected of cultured persons in such settings. In accordance with our philosophy of continuous education, the program is structured to match each educational level, allowing students to gain an appreciation of the musical arts naturally.
   Seitoku University Junior College and Seitoku University students are also instructed in the appreciation of such traditional Japanese stage arts as noh drama, bunraku puppet theater, joruri narrative chanting, kabuki theater, and rakugo storytelling. Cultural seminars are also conducted by master artists, offering students a wider perspective as well as cultural enrichment and refinement.
   By exposing students to musical arts from around the world, as well as giving them an appreciation for the traditional culture of Japan, the Performing Arts Series fosters in students a respect for all cultures, including a deeper understanding of the cultural traditions of Japan. This enables our students to develop the cultural literacy of a truly sophisticated person able to introduce Japan's cultural heritage to those from other cultures.

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