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Support Center
International Exchange Section Provides Support Services
for International Students

At the International Exchange Section, we provide a wide array of support services to help make international students’ time at Seitoku University as comfortable as possible. For instance, in addition to assisting students with applications for scholarships, tuition fee waivers and medical expense assistance, we also provide a broad range of useful information and act as an informal advisory service where international students can come to discuss any problems they may be having. In particular, for enrolling students who have never been to Japan before, it is only natural that they may at times feel anxious or somewhat lost. For this reason, we are always available to provide friendly advice and help.
   At present, there are approximately 30 international students enrolled at Seitoku University. We endeavor to provide support services that closely meet the needs of all our international students. The International Exchange Section has a staff of four, and our office has a relaxed atmosphere, so please feel free to visit us anytime.
   We run many events and programs for international students. While obviously study is the main reason students come to Seitoku University, we want to ensure international students have the opportunity to enjoy a full and rewarding student life.
   We are also happy to handle inquiries throughout the year from overseas students wishing to enroll at Seitoku University. Through pre-enrollment consultations, students can embark on their overseas studies with peace of mind.

Events and Programs for International Students

1. International Student Orientation
At the start of each school year (April), we hold an orientation, which provides important information for international students, offer advice on course selection and highlight key points to ensure students enjoy a trouble-free campus life.

2. Friendship Party
This event features lots of party games as well as foods to enjoy, with participation by international students, professors and Japanese students. It is a great opportunity to meet and get to know people on campus, and the event attracts many participants each year.

3. Seitoku Festival
At the annual university festival in November, class groups, hobby circles and clubs put on a myriad of events. Each year, we participate by putting on an international students’ event. A large number of people from on and off campus visit the Seitoku Festival, making it an excellent opportunity for international exchange and for students to introduce their own country’s culture.

4. International Students’ Send-Off Party

This is a party held each year in honor of our graduating international students. For the senior international students that were such friendly mentors, we send them off with a hearty cheer.

5. Monthly Lunchtime Gathering
Every month, international students gather over an informal lunch to chat about their experiences and swap useful information.

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