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Education System
Our educational system

A continuous education system, from kindergarten through higher education, promoting the "spirit of harmony" envisioned in Seitoku Gakuen's founding

The first step to becoming a specialist
Licenses and Qualifications Available through Seitoku Gakuen Teacher's Licenses
Kindergarten Teacher (first class/second class) ; Primary School Teacherv(first class/second class) ; Junior High School Teacher (first class/second class) ; High School Teacher (first class) ; Special Support Teacher (first class) —works with the sick and with those who have mental or physical disabilities; Yogo Teacher/Health Teacher (first class/second class) ; Nutritionist (first class)

Public Certifications
Training of beginner nursing-care practitioners (formerly holders of Home Helper Grade 2 certificates) 

National Certifications
Nursery Teacher; Teacher of Library Science; Certified Social Worker (eligibility for exam) ; Certified Psychiatric Social Worker (eligibility for exam) ; Social Welfare Officer (eligibility for exam) ; Nurse (eligibility for exam) ; Public Health Nurse (eligibility for exam) ; Registered Dietician (eligibility for exam) ; Nutritionist; Librarian; Museum Curator

eligibility for appointment
Social Welfare Officer; Child Welfare Worker; Children's Counselor; Social Education Officer; Food Sanitation Supervisor; Food Sanitation Inspector

Private Certifications
Peer Counselor (eligibility for exam) ; Music Therapist (first class) ; Certified Musical Therapy Assistant (eligibility for exam) ; Certified Psychologist; Applied Psychologist (basic qualification) ; Industrial Counselor (eligibility for exam) ; Food Specialist (eligibility for exam) ; Recreation Instructor; Leisure-development practitioners; Camping Instructor; Interior Planner (Eligibility for Enrollment) ; Textiles Advisor (TA: first class/second class) ; Certified Business Administrator; Certified Business Information Administrator; Certified Secretary

Opportunities for learning in specialist fields

Seitoku Gakuen's transfer system supports students wishing to acquire a specific qualification or to advance to the next educational level, from vocational school to university/major program, junior college to university/major program, or university/major program to graduate school. This highly developed system provides opportunities for graduates of other universities, people returning to school, or others with a desire to learn.

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